Monday, May 21, 2012

Review : Oriflame Very Me Clickit Lip Stain in Raspberry

Hello~ Annyeong~ (ノ≧∀≦)ノ
I bring good lip stain/tint for you!~ 。◕‿◕。
Its Oriflame Very Me Clickit Lip Stain in Raspberry. I bought this with Oriflame Very Me Clickit Mascara in Black *the review will coming soon* so I got Clickit connector. Here's the real product combine with mascara plus the swatch.

my shade from Oriflame's web
Product description :
Give your lips a juicy hint of colour for perfect pout appeal. Combine with Clickit lip gloss for total shine. Available in 2 fabulous shades.
Shades available :
✿ Raspberry
✿ Red

It has natural pink color. Make me say goodbye to pale lips, lol~ Comes with small packaging and soft wand applicator. Just dots the stain on lip and spread with finger to get beautiful natural pink color. I love lip stain more than lipstick because lip stain appear more natural.

Because it just lip stain, it doesn't give any moisturizing effect but it also doesn't make my lips dry. The staying power is so-so, it stays nicely for about 3 hours on me. This stain has sweet taste and nice smell. Last, I'm satisfied with this product. (─‿‿─)

What I like :
✔ Natural color
✔ Doesn't make my lip dry
✔ Soft applicator

What I hate :
✖ Just so-so staying power, but its okay~

Overall Rating : 4 / 5 
Netto : 3.5 ml
Price : Around $4.5
Gonna repurchase? Yes.


Pearl said...

I really like the sound of a "raspberry" lip stain~

It's rare for lip stains not to taste bitter! It sounds so nice.

You're lucky to live in Indonesia with products like this X)

♥ CHAOI ♥ said...

@ Pearl : Yes, usually lip stain taste bitter >.< But sweet lip stain only make me licking my lips more often xD

Beau said...

wow! a really good review! find the other reviews very good and intereresting! your blog is so lovely


♥ CHAOI ♥ said...

@ Beau : thank u :D

Gita said...

wahh aku jg pake ini yg strawberry... hehehe... emg bagus dan murce ya.. hhehe.. btw aq tag km di 11 random things about me... cekidot ya... thankss...

♥ CHAOI ♥ said...

@ Gita : iya warnanya cute :3
thanks for tag me :D

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